Dear Friend,

                      It wasn’t long ago that I was about to give up on looking at work-at-home and mail order opportunity programs. No matter what I tried things just didn’t seem to work out for me. Sound familiar?

Since my funds were limited I decided to hold off on joining any more programs and go into the “research mode” and what I discovered finally put me and my family on the path to financial freedom.

Over the years I have received HUNDREDS of offers in the mail. Many of those offers were basically the same. You know, the gifting programs, the cycling programs, and the one time out of pocket programs etc… As I was doing my research, I noticed a trend. The vast majority of these programs were NO LONGER in business. Their doors were closed and the companies were shut down and out of business.

I finally decided that I was just as much to blame. Simply stated, I made some poor choices.

In concluding my research it became absolutely clear to me that if you want to make real money, then you must get involved with a REAL business. My research really paid off and today I would like to share my NEW discovery with you.

First, let me start by telling you what this program is not! It’s NOT a scam, it’s not some kind of rip-off, it’s not some pyramid scheme, and it’s not illegal. What I discovered is a real business that has been in business since 1996.

Imagine being able to play the lottery for FREE and get a check EVERY MONTH whether you win or not. This amazing program is a real winner and it could give you the financial freedom that you have been looking for. You’re going to LOVE this amazing program and I will show you exactly how to play the lottery for FREE and get a check every month whether you win in the lottery or not.

I’m going to show YOU how you can have a steady stream of CASH simply by... sharing this exciting new system with others.

This program makes up for ALL of those bad choices I’ve made in the past. There are people who have taken advantage of this offer and now make more money than they make on their regular job.

Whether you want to make a few hundred bucks or a few THOUSAND dollars every month, I will show you how!

I would like to send you a NEW 28 page e-booklet that explains the entire system to you. This booklet will provide you with all of the details of the program. Nothing is left out! PLUS, you will have immediate access to three (3) Complimentary Vacations!

Because I know you are interested in knowing if this is totally legitimate, the booklet will show you how you can check the program out with the Chamber of Commerce Better Business Bureau The Better Business Bureau. If that’s not enough, YOU will also be provided with the office telephone number, and the physical mailing address so that you can visit the office anytime during regular business hours.

In order for me to get my NEW 28 page e-booklet into the hands of the serious minded people I decided that the best way to do this was by charging a small fee of just $10 bucks. If I can do it, YOU can too!! And don’t forget this program has a proven track record and has been in operation since 1996.

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Yours For Nice Monthly Checks,

Art Robertson
P.S. Please do it TODAY, while YOU are thinking about it.